Our Company

ALDER is a family chemical industry company founded in 1963 by Dr. Luciano Luciani, at that time already owning a Patent in formaldehyde production. In more than 50 year of activity, ALDER become an important world player in the Technology Transfer about formaldehyde and derivates production plants.

Formaldehyde and Derivates Production

In its Trieste production facilities ALDER is producing and selling the following chemicals: Formaldehyde, Paraformaldehyde, Pentaerythritol, Di-Pentaerythritol and Sodium Formate.

Iron-Mo oxide Catalyst Production

The Iron-Molybdenum catalyst MOC5 is used for the selective oxidation of methanol to formaldehyde in presence of an excess of air in fixed bed converters. It can be used pure (MOC5O) or diluted with an inert (MOC5I) or in a bed made by a combination of pure and diluted catalyst.

Coastal Storage and Marine Terminal

The port of Trieste, situated at the northernmost point of the Adriatic Sea, where the Mediterranean cuts most deeply into the European mainland; is the natural place for loading and unloading seagoing goods directed to, and coming from, the central European countries. Alder has developed in the Trieste harbour, in a bonded area, a well-equipped storage terminal for methanol.

Technology Transfer and Plant Engineering

Since 1967 ALDER is engaged in selling the license, know how and basic engineering of its own proprietary processes for the production of formaldehyde, ureic and melamminic resins, paraformaldehyde and pentaerythritol. More than 90 formaldehyde plants have been designed and supplied to customers in more than 19 countries.

Tons of Formaldehyde produced per year

Cubic meters of Storage Capacity

Tons of methanol discharged per year