Formaldehyde – Product description and Sale specifications

The standard formaldehyde aqueous solution has the following characteristics:

Formaldehyde 24 to 53 +/- 0.5 % b.w.
Methanol less than 1 % b.w.
Acidity (as formic acid) less than 0.03 % b.w.
PH 2.5รท4
Iron less than 0.5 ppm
Appearance clear, colorless liquid

A formaldehyde aqueous solution with low acidity, down to 0.0075 %, can be available on request.

Also, a formaldehyde aqueous solution with low methanol content, down to 0.1 %, can be prepared on request.



Formaldehyde solution is sold in bulk, in liquid form, in full tank-truck lots (22 to 25 tons).