Pentaerythritol – Investment


The plant requires an area of about 300-500 m2, not considering the storage of raw materials and products. But for a small control cabin and products storage and bagging, the whole plant may be situated outdoors. The value of the equipment, (license, know-how and engineering included) is of ab. 11 millions US$ for a 5,000 tons/year plant, and of ab. 16 millions US$ for a 12,000 tons/year plant (an approximate equipment list is enclosed). Such amounts have to be increased by ab. 1.5 millions US$ if 500 tons/year of product have to be obtained at a “nitration grade” quality. For roughly evaluating the total investment (battery limits) an amount of 2 to 3 millions US$ has to be added for freight, civil works, erection and start-up expenses. In this estimation are not considered the investment costs of the utilities plants of the works and of the raw materials and end products storage: the former because they may be already at disposal, the latter because they depend from the works situation and cannot be estimated in advance.