Dipentaerythritol – Product description



Dipentaerythritol, the dimer of pentaerythritol, is a polyhydric alcohol containing 6 primary hydroxyl groups.
It is produced by ALDER S.p.A. of Trieste as a white crystalline powder.

Chemical formula


IUPAC name: Di-(2,2 Bis-(Hydroxymethyl) 1,3 Propanediol)-ether
CAS : 126-58-9
EINECS: 204-794-1

Sale specifications

  Spec. Typical   Spec. Typical
Dipentaerythritol content (1) min 90 % 92-95% Melting point (final) 205-225°C 220-221°C
Monopentaerythritol content (1) max 9% 4-7% Bulk density 0.6 kg/lt
Moisture content max 1% 0.5-1%
Ash content (as sodium sulphate) max 0.2% 0.01-0.1%
1) Gaschromatographic analysis of the sylanized sample.


 ALDER dipentaerythritol is shipped from the ALDER plant in 20 Kg net paper multilayer bags on 1000 or 500 Kg net shrinkwrapped pallets or 500 Kg net waterproof, antistatic big bags with internal polyethylene liner bag.